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  • To the developers, I kinda have an idea: how about have the same format as SWBF2 where there is one capitol ship and two frigate, all move around the map on a pre-mapped path (having player controlling it would be chaotic in my opinion). However, here is where the things differ: the frigate got their own hangar and the interior pretty much like SWBF’s capital ships, so we can spawn in a Victory-II figate and defend it (so frigates now got section it can destroy also, i.e. engines, shields, life support, etc, and of course, the frigate itself). On capitol ships, it could be much more extensive. A view of the bridge (no idea what it’s function is to be) and usable bank of turbolaser would be awesome (like Ep. 3). The Capital ships would fly in a way that during its looping path, it would come in firing range of the opposing capital ship so we can have a way to easily disable their shields, if the timing is right. The capitol ships can also be destroyed with HEAVY damage.
    Feel free to change any idea!

  • Developer

    We will have to see when we have some of the space flight mechanics done. I am not sure it will work well with the frigates having enterable hangars too. From what are currently the battlefront2 space battles I personally think the maps are already too big with both capital ships having interior + we probably are gonna expand it even more on the interior side. And on top of that if we add interiors for the frigates it might come too much. It’s good to have some kind of targets which only the fighters and the gunners can take down. 

    However for the moving capital and the frigates  ships we already though about that we will most likely will aim to have some movement for them even if it’s scripted.

    PS: For the space battles from SWBF2 i think i haven’t played it with a lot of real players(more than 10) and probably it might be quite different from what it is with mostly bots because with players there’s more boarding on both sides. We will probably try to have it with only the capital ships having hangars first and if it’s not enough we will expand with hangars for the frigates.

  • Thanks for the reply. If the hanger for frigates cannot be done, then please add in destroyable sections rather than just the frigate as a whole (if it is just going to be just a one-piece frigate, at least give it shields). An external area that allows you to disable the AA turrets would be nice. (The bridge?)

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