• Will you add cover? I would not mind if it was just at door ways. I would also love it if you could add vaulting (for railling). If you can not I completely understand. If you add melee make it so you could counter it by hitting the melee key realy fast (not for jedi/sith).

  • Cover in maps most certainly. Special mechanics such as going prone or vaulting rails will depend on the if we have time and can impliment it [i](If the engine already supports this, the odds are greater)[/i]. The option to be able to do so would be nice, we just have to see how things come together to be more specific. Melee atacks may very well find its way in, but we dont want it to be overpowered to the point its the door-breaching weapon of choice while remaining usefull enough to actually do something other than look pretty.

  • I meant melee as in knives or hands to make them not overpowered have them able to go both ways.

  • Developer

    We have planned melee but not as a separate weapon or fists but using the gun in hand so it won’t be one hit kill. We don’t want to be like all other current shooters that are crawling with it.

  • It might be one-hit-stun or one-hit-knock-out instead of one-hit-kill. More realistic.

  • Very cool. Thank you.


  • Trueblade wrote:
    If the engine already supports this, the odds are greater

    Red Orchestra 2 has cover implement very well in UE3, maybe you can contact the devs for some advice? They are generally very friendly, especially since they are Indie Devs them self.

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