• This suggestion is for the Devs of the game. You guys should use Trello to give us things like bug fixes, hotfixes, etc. When you guys release the Alpha, there should be some bugs and glitches (That goes for every game). With Trello we could post our different issues where everyone could see, and you guys could post a solution/hotfix. It would make things easier, in my opinion.

    P.S: Keep up the good work! I want this game even more than I want GTA V to come out on the PC!


  • Developer

    It’s an interesting idea. We aren’t sure yet what to do. We are considering also the possibility to have category for the bugs put on the forum along with some new features for the forum Chris is planning to do, which will make things easier for people to report bugs and sort them and etc. If(hope not but nothing is sure ;p) there are a lot of bugs that appear, on trello might get a little crouded . 

  • Well, thanks for responding! I do have one last request though. I posted a question about space battles that I would like you to answer.

    Thanks again!


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