October Progress Update

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    Hello once again Star Wars: Battlecry fans!
    Today we’re posting a quick update to let you know about the great progress we’ve been making on Cloud City (as well as new sound effects – Richard Goulet is responsible for creating these epic sounds - concepts and new/improved 3D models).
    On top of this, we want to take a minute to mention our awesome new partnership with http://www.blackintel.org/, who are letting us use their servers and storage! They are a great bunch of people and we highly recommend you check them out. More info on this partnership will be released at a later date.
    Regarding the First Strike merge, we now have everything set up to ensure that assets from the First Strike and Battlecry teams is all in one place. We are still in the process of evaluating First Strike assets and getting the usable ones ready for UE4. This will take some time, especially as many team members have been very busy with other commitments. Things are moving in the right direction, however!

    So, without further ado, it’s time to show you guys some progress:

    As you can see above, a lot of work has been done trying to get the lighting in the Carbon Freezing Chamber as atmospheric as possible (Joseph Greve, Ande and Sharky have been the main contributors to this part of the level). On top of that, a lot of effort has gone into creating high quality props and textures: this level of detail is exactly what we’re aiming for. Other areas such as the residential area have also been worked on and are coming along nicely!

    Above is our re-worked and improved Rebel Trooper model by Ande. We have tried to go for a very detailed look, consistent with many of our other quality 3D models. Once we have the vast amount of First Strike models imported into UE4, we can begin to take what the First Strike team has done and build upon it, ensuring we get the most out of the powerful new UE4 features.

    Member Thomas Woodward started work on a fantastic Imperial Probe Droid for us a few months ago but now you can see his latest progress.
    In case you’re wondering where the team is at with regard to our menu concepts and HUD designs, due to several brand new features making their way into the latest version of UE4, we’ve decided to come up with several fresh and exciting ideas. We won’t be revealing too much of this at this time as they are still conceptual (and we’ve shown enough WIP menu/HUD concepts for now!) but we’ll keep you updated.
    As always, stay tuned for more and may the force be with you!
    The Star Wars: Battlecry team
    PS: If you have skills and have some free time at hand, contact us! We’re especially in need of Animators, 3D Artists (primarily for weapons and equipment) and Environment Artists!

  • Looking awesome as always. I look forward to seeing the new HUD designs and such. I really love nice GUI

  • As I remember,someone told that there wiil be open beta or gameplay in fall.So,when should we wait for someone of this?I can’t long last to try it.

  • We do hope to have a playable release by the end of the year, but we may or may not. It all depends on how quickly work gets done and any bugs found get fixed. It is our top priority to get the game working. That said, we will not put out something that looks as though toddlers designed it. For now, we still have a game to make, so not even we get to enjoy it yet. The detail of the update though. . . Lots of intricate details packed in! That is why we don’t update every month, otherwise we wouldn’t be able to make your jaws drop! Seriously though, we do have a ways to go before we are ready to release an alpha, so you will have to bear with us a little longer!

  • This looks awsome what more can I say?

  • This looks great! I hope for more update on December!

  • Acknowledged, current progress speed remains unchanged and progressive. Maintain and keep us posted.

  • I’d buy this with money if it functions like intended, $60 even, and I’m very picky on what I spend $60 on.

  • I’d buy this with money if it functions like intended, $60 even, and I’m very picky on what I spend $60 on.

    Even better is that it is free!

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