Alpha release date of 2014

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  • Developer

    Like always we dont know when the public alpha will be ready. If its not out by the end of 2014 we will more than likely have gameplay footage available to watch.

  • As Mandosis has stated, due to the inconsistent nature of the team [i](You know, life, hobbies. . . school. . . yes, even we have friends!) [/i]even with the added support of the First Strike team, work may or may not happen swiftly. Bugs encountered have to be ironed out, models and textures crafted, animating, UI, AI, and so much more. We know patience can be strained easily, so we ask you all to hang with us for now. We want to play it just as much as you! Until that day comes, we hope you enjoy the updates both already released and the updates to come!

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  • Moderator

    All I really think is it comes when it comes and I’m fine iwth that due to the progress we’ve seen. This year we’ve been able to see a lot of progress going on and we got to see what the game may look like and it looks amazing, thats why I’m happy with waiting as long as it takes because I know it’ll be really good when it comes out.

  • I kinda think its important to try to beat battlefront out the gate. While people are waiting for that they are far more likely to get involved with battlecry.

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