• Would adding a little diversity be dificult or time consuming? I heard there would be a wookie player model but would this be a class or a random model? Or would it be picked by the player? Also you could make around 5 or 6 different faces mabye of diferent races( human races) like darker skin color that could randomize so that it looks a bit diverse? For the wookies all you really have to do is just give their fur different shades, is that a lot of work? COuld I be helpfull with any of it? I can do sketches.
    also these are some weapons the wookiees used during the battle of Kashyyk:

    Wookie long gun:

    Last but not least the bowcaster:

    BTW If ever you guys need anything like weapons, ships, characters, or planets I can help!

  • Making new moddels would be more time consuming. They definately add better depth to the overall feel of the game, however, random skins for each class sounds less likely for now. We need to get the classes initial skins and weapons ready first!

3d modeling 1
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