Battlecry and First Strike Teams Merge!

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    Hello Star Wars: Battlecry fans (and the First Strike fans who are also reading this),

    Today we have a big bit of news for you folks - the First Strike team is merging with the Star Wars: Battlecry team!

    As Chad (new project leader of First Strike explains), ‘When the First Strike team looked into switching to the Unreal 4 game engine, it just made sense to look into combining forces instead of starting completely over on a new engine. Both teams have a desire to develop a PC focused Star Wars game that simulates the the role of a trooper fighting for the Rebel or Imperial forces in large scale combined arms battles.’

    When developing a game for a galaxy far, far away, almost everything has to be created from scratch. One of the things we’re exploring at the moment is importing First Strike’s large collection of models into the Unreal engine. If assets require improvements or modifications, this can be done but it will hopefully mean things will get done quicker and we can produce the free stand alone Star Wars game fans have been wanting all along.

    On top of that, the fact that we are merging with a very experienced and skilled team is exciting and we look forward to the future!

    We will keep you updated if anything else changes about the game/team.
    Thank you for your support and patience,

    The Star Wars: Battlecry team (and the newly merged First Strike members!)
    Btw, here’s the awesome pic team member Jo Greve made for us to celebrate the merge!

  • Imo, this is the best that could have happened to SW: Battlecry, congratulations [img]smileys/bigsmile.gif[/img] Just out of curiosity, how many developers does the First Strike team count?

  • Perfect. If battlecry ends up being anywhere near as good as first strike ill be a happy camper but I know have no doubt that the game will far outdo first strike on almost every level. Dis is good news

  • Combined operations approved. Keep us updated.

    -8826 out.

  • I’d also suggest partnering with “Freeworlds: Tides of War” (FToW for short) for a number of reasons:

    1. They have excellent space models. Near the best if not the best. This way you’ll have a lot less work to do for space.
    1. You can focus on the ground battles and point to FToW to those who want to fight in space as well (since FToW is already covering that part).
    1. You can schedule events with them. For instance, in FToW there is a Territorial Engagement over a planet or space station. The space battle is in FToW, while if the attackers manage to land any troops on the planet, then a ground battle could begin in Battlecry (say after a few hours or the next day after the space battle). The number and type of the forces fighting could be determined by what forces the defender have in the planet already and what the attacker managed to land. The outcome of the battle could determine if the planet/space station will fall in the hands of the attacker or not.

    This way the games could remain largely separate, but will have some occasional events that could potentially bring more players and give them a meaning for the battle.

    1. It’s more likely that players from both groups will try the other game as well. And I’m sure that both games would need more players.
    1. It can give you some focus on which maps to make: planets and stations in Corsucant system, Correlian system, Kessel, Thyferra, Bastion, ect. It’s a start.
    1. Both games will do what they do best - Battlecry the ground battles and FToW the space battles and economy. But they can still interact with each other making the power shifts in one of the games important in the other one as well.


    The possible problems with combining FToW and Battlecry are:

    • both games need a way to communicate with each other (send and receive data before and after the battle). This could probably be achieved relatively easy. For instance, FToW needs to send data how many troopers landed or are on the ground and what and how many vehicles they have. Then after the battle, Battlecry needs to send data to FToW telling it what’s the outcome of the battle and how many survived.
    • planing the battles/maps and making a lot of sides: the Empire, Rebels, CorSec, Hutts, Pirates… Unlike the Battlefront games where each side always start in the same location, here they might exchange the locations, depending who’s attacking who. This is still a lot of work - a lot planets and stations, many sides…


    But in the end I think it’ll be worth it. Even if you don’t partner the two games this way, you still can get their models.

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    Happy to see two good teams merging. Looking forward to the progress that the team makes!

  • Evgenidb I’m not 100% sure what models you’re looking at but I personally think they look dredful. The textures are muddy and they seem to be pretty low poly. If I’m honest the need to merge with a third team is completely pointless. The first strike team did a wonderful job with the space battles and I have no doubt they could handle it. All merging with another team would mean would be that its a lot more hassle and organization for not much benefit. Also the idea of having games remaining largely seperate is completely counter to what makes sense to me. A game should be connected to one larger universe as much as possible otherwise nothing you do will have any weight on what you are playing. 

  • HaMM4R,  I think he’s basing his idea off of Dust 514’s interaction with EVE. It was a pretty cool game but unfortunately its only for playstation. Also Im really glad to see that the teams are merged, does this mean you will have more resources or that the game making process will be faster?

  • What is First strike?

  • Its a very well made full conversion for the game Battlefield 2142 here’s a

  • HaMM4R, I think he’s basing his idea off of Dust 514’s interaction with EVE.

    Actually I’m bashing my idea off of Star Wars: Empire at War. They had a cool mechanic of conquering a planet: first you need to take out the defender’s Space Forces and only then you can begin your ground assault.

    Freeworlds already have a way to communicate with their website (like what planet what commodities have or what it needs). So I assumed that it won’t be that hard to fetch some of that data as JSON, XML, or whatever format and use it as input for that particular battle of the Territorial Engament event. Other than for such events, I don’t see any real reason for the two games remain connected. FToW would do its own thing and Battlecry will do its own.

    As for the actual models - I’ve only seen the moddb ones. The Mod won’t run on my PC. Nor Crossfire. I know, I know, I need an upgrade, but with my current salary for Intern that’s out of the question.

    And besides, I didn’t say “merge” but “partner”. You’ll still be two separate teams, working on a separete games, who can share stuff which is already done once. I don’t see a reason if something is done, someone else to do it again from scratch. It’s a waste of time and other resources. It’s better to make a new content or improve the old one than recreate the same things again and again.

    P.S. I’ve heard of EVE, but not Dust 514. Is it really that close?

  • Dust 514 belongs to EVE,  They fight over the planet and then send forces onto it. Its a seperate game but they interact.

  • Lol. The idea is really similar then. Right to the “separate games” portion.

  • I’ve played a little of Dust 512 (god it was awful) but my main issue with that is it just didn’t feel like I was having any impact in the world. It is a cool concept but it would be damn hard to pull it off in reality, plus doing something like that completely rules out the ablility to fly from the ground to space. The idea is cool but whether it would work in practice is another thing all together. Even if they were to do it that other team does make some ugly looking models [img]smileys/tongue.gif[/img] 

  • I didn’t like Dust’s grind for weapons.  And how you had to pay for pretty much everything.

  • Nor did I, that and the god awful weapon mechanics. 

  • Great to see two teams joining together, how large does this make the team now?

  • Im exited to see what these two amazing teams can create

  • Im exited to see what these two amazing teams can create

    You and I both! First strike was so dearly loved and it deserved all the praise it recieved. The team did an incredible job designing it. We truly are blessed to have a team with that kind of expertise taking arms with us!

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