BF2142 First Strike and Battlecry Collaboration?

  • Hello,
    As the team lead for BF2142 First Strike Star Wars mod, I desire to open communication for the purpose of collaboration between First Strike and Battlecry. This can mean anything from the sharing of ideas and trading of models to an actual team merger. We are seriously looking at moving to a new engine and Unreal looks like the best candidate. Since Battlecry is already in development it would be foolish not to try to collaborate and possibly share resources. We have the collective experience of many years of development of a total conversion Star Wars mod, which is very similar to developing in a new game engine. We also have a large number of high quality models either in 3dsmax format or that can be ported into 3dsmax. Additionally, First Strike is already an established Star Wars game that has been approved by Lucas Arts for developing a free fan based Star Wars game and we have not heard anything from Disney that would change that. Even if the visions of the playing styles are different (such as arcade vs strategic) those differences can be worked out by having different game modes. It seems that both teams are interested in developing sandbox style Star Wars FPS, and I am hoping that we can work together at some level.
    I have sent my contact info in an application and sent a message on MODDB. Hope to hear from the team soon,

  • I’d love to see you guys work together. I was asking about first strike the other day and after having downloaded the mod its damn fun! I could imagine you guys working together quite well. 

  • I suppose swbattlecry isnt being developed anymore.. With battlelog reviving bf2142, any chance first strike will be back?

  • Unfortunately, there was very little of use that could be ported over from First Strike. Models that looked great on a 10 year old game, just don't cut it anymore on an current game development platform. Another problem that we ran into is that there where a lot of issues with porting over the models to begin with. The First Strike mod had seen it's share of developers come and go throughout it's life. There was never any plan to even try to move to another game engine, so there was no model library maintained. All of the legacy models only exist in BF2142 Refractor game engine format, of which the import tools available have minimal functionality and will only work on very old versions of modeling software tools, 3ds Max or Maya. I managed to get several First Strike models exported into unreal, but it not an easy process, and the texture mapping is lost in the conversion. The First Strike team did have Echo Base created for a planned Hoth map in 3ds Max, but the Battlecry team already had an Echo Base from the previous development on the Cry Engine, before switching over to Unreal. Furthermore, 3ds Max 2010 was the last version that import/export plugins would work with BF2142, but only for the 32 bit version, which does not work properly with Windows 10.

    As the future of Battlecry is concerned, developing on a game engine is a lot harder than modding an existing game engine. With modding, devs have an existing game framework to tweak and add to, but with game development everything has to be set up. With a team of all volunteers, development can only move as fast as the team members have time available around work and/or school, as well as individual or family responsibilities.

    That being said, when George Lucas sold the rights for Star Wars to Disney, and then ABC licensed out to EA for Battlefront, no one knew what that meant for fan projects, until recently when LucasArts, on behalf of EA, stopped the Galaxy In Turmoil fan made Battlefront type game from releasing. With EA Battlefront's having decent sales, but not breaking any records as hoped, along with general disappointment over the lack of content and shallow gameplay, there is no doubt that EA will stop any perceived threat to the sales of their Battlefront game. Battlecry can probably continue, as long as it remains under the radar of EA.

    As far as continuing First Strike on the BF2142 game engine, my efforts to update the game with a singleplayer focus ran into unresolvable crashing issues that appear to be related with using an offline account in singleplayer and offline coop mode. Unlike BF2, BF2142 was designed to use an online account,even when playing offline. This would allow players to use any upgrades earned in singleplayer or coop modes. We had a few people complain about gameplay issues when playing offline that until recently had not been verified. When EA dropped all support for BF2142 that forced any new players to play with an offline account. Old players could still continue to use their existing online profile. Even the current work arounds from StG or Deathlok Clan that allow players to level up, are still using offline accounts, which seems to work on a server, but has issues offline.

    StG has been occasionally running the First Strike mod on a server. I have a few updates that would be good to add, but as far as new development, with all the technical issues involved in continuing to mod the old BF2142 game, it is not likely.

    Also, I posted my WIP:

  • Dnamro, I appreciate your reply and special attention to us, your fans. I also thank you for spending time replying!

    There's a lot of fans who would die to see you make fsmod working to bf2142 again.

    Battlelog is a very professional company and i BEG that you consider to bring fsmod back.

    If you can, please, leave a message for all your fan's and followers at :

    Or at least come and contact them there. Maybe, if you dont want to code fsmod anymore, we could re-arrange a team, under your leadership ( if you want ) , etc.

    Please, come, we will await you with arms open and with wookies.

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