Nosgoth beta key

  • Hey guys,
    I’ve just received a beta key for Nosgoth, but since I already got one, I don’t need it. So, if anyone’s interested in trying out Nosgoth (it’s really worth it), just reply to this post. First come first served ;)

    And btw: you need to have a Steam account and link it to a Square Enix account. The key must be redeemed on this site: .

    EDIT: Oh, I forgot: I’m not sure if these forums have PM’s, so it might be easier to add me on Steam (Civilised Raptor). I’ll send you the key there.

  • I’d sure like to take you up on your offer Mate!



  • Okay then :D Do you already have a Steam account? If so, just add me as friend (my username’s Civilised Raptor), and I’ll send you the key^^

    EDIT: Key claimed.

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