Player Size Depending On Race

  • I’m asking if the player size, or body, will be taller/shorter depending on thier race.
    EX: If you play as a wookie, would you be taller and you would see more?
    It would be really neat to have that implemented but I completely understand if creating different size skeletons for players would be time consuming.

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  • Developer

    Welcome to the forum first ;].

    Onto the quiestion. We probably don’t have the man power to do many races. Wookies might be exception though since it will make a nice special character for the rebels

    If we include such different character in the game probably it will need new animation and thats the harder part. Skeleton making has become easier since UE4 gave us some awesome tools for making them and for example it didn’t took me long to figure it out how it works.

  • Thank you for answering my question!

    BTW are you guys using the paid version of UE4 (Just asking).


  • Developer

    Yeah ,there’s no unpaid version of UE4.

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