Smarter AI Than Battlefront 2

  • I have a concern that I know many of us on this forum share. I want to know whether the AI will be as dumb as it was with both Battlefronts. I’m sure we’ve all been through the frustration of being shot at by every single enemy AI while your AI does nothing. Seriously, at least have friendly AI act as meat shields! So, what i’m asking is that I want the AI to be SMART. I want the AI to shoot accurately and actually help accomplish the goal! Please add this in, I beg you all!

    P.S: Please Tell me about your AI frustration below, so we can help edge on all the developers of Battlecry to achieve this



  • Ah, the useless AI who camps his turret as the points are taken away. . .Yes we all remember them. The trick for the AI is making them “good” without making them “too good”. The paths and responses would need to be done carefully so that they are not the all powerful members of the team without being useless. Helping accomplish the goal is definately something to work for, but perhaps for the sake of newer or inexperienced players, we may not want to make them have too much accuracy. We could try making different difficulties for them, but this is all in the future, as we are focusing solely on the game itself first. AI can take quite some time to iron out and we do not have the manpower to do them along with everything else we have on our plate at the moment.

  • You said it Justice, Trueblade! I completely understand if you can’t right now but what i mean is if the AI could be more of a long term goal. And like I said in one of my past posts, [b]i’ll go through school, all of San Diego and the Internet if I have to. If it comes to that, I’m willing to sacrifice some time to build a giant community of people.

    P.S: Read All Bold Words In A Batman Voice Or Whatever Awesome Voice Suits It


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