What games do you still play that are old?

  • For me Global Operations, Red Alert 2, Battlefield 1942, Battlefield 2 it is nine years old and of course Battlefront 1.

  • Battlefield Bad Company, Sly Cooper, Medal of honor Airborne, World in Conflict

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    The oldest game I play would probably be Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, thats coming up on being 11 years old. I also still play Battlefront 2.

  • I love my Battlefront 2 and EAW:FOC!

  • Trueblade wrote:


    What is EAW:FOC?


  • Thorium wrote:

    What is EAW:FOC?

    Empire at War: Forces of Corruption


  • The game was cool but I could never make it work for me my computer would not run it.

  • STAR WARS BATTLEFRONT and STAR WARS JEDI ACADEMY.Сool games.  Games that I was introduced to the Star Wars universe . And then it started, I became a fan.

  • Jedi Academy was awsome I wish they would make another one.

  • You’re obviously a Duke Nukem fan, hey hey!

  • cspencer wrote:

    You’re obviously a Duke Nukem fan, hey hey!

    Nope never played it however Dishonored is a different story.

  • I have a regiment on Mount and Blade: Napoleonic Wars, so Mount and Blade: Warband + NW DLC. Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy, This is where I play MovieBattles II on, I can certainly recommend it. Those are my primaire games that I have been playing for the longest period of time.

  • I still play a lot of BFBC2/1 as well as BF2/2142. On occasion I still play battlefront 2 but I mostly just play whatever I feel like on PS4 [img]smileys/tongue.gif[/img] 

  • I play Homeworld 2: Complex religiously, and Just started a playthrough of Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic for the first time since High School.

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