Will normal gameplay favour more casual or realistic combat?

  • I should preface by saying that when I say “realistic” I mean the amount of bullets/blaster shots it takes to kill someone.
    I would hate to see the game to turn into another bullet sponge-esc game where you need to unload clip after clip into someone to kill them. The original game seemed to have a good balance with the number of shots to kill but could have been increased the damage of each shot. I assume difficulty level will change the game play but since most servers will run vanilla I’m curious.

  • Developer

    The good thing in star wars is that things can range and there’s no need to be either… Considering we are talking about lasers its hard to determine which is realistic and which not but mostly should be fun, satisfying and not super easy(I don’t mean the number of shot someone should take before they die) to kill someone and it’s not easy to achieve that effect. It might takes several stages of testing to determine it.

    Yeah I liked how things were in the original game. Maybe we might aim first for that and see how things play out.

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