How is the deveolpment process going?

  • Its been in development for over 4 years now and there is extremely little to show. Another fan game called Star Wars Battlefront: Galaxy in Turmoil has only been in development for less then 4 months and seems to already have a lot more content than battlecry. It it still comeing out, is there work being done, do you plan on merging with the Galaxy in Turmoil team? I have been following this project for more then 2 years now and I am very concerned with its condition. Thank you for your time.

  • Don't forget that galaxy in turmoil is using assets instead of creating themselves what battlecry does.

  • Developer

    This game has been in development for 4 years because we are creating a game from scratch and not using stolen assets from a leaked build of Star Wars: Battlefront III. Galaxy in Turmoil has nothing to show besides stolen assets and gameplay made from watching the Unreal Engine 4 blueprints tutorials. They are using the game for their own monetary gain by creating another game along side it they plan to sell and using Galaxy in Turmoil as free advertisement. They constantly lie to gather attention and their recent posting on reddit only proves this point. They are essentially forcing Disney to enforce their trademarks or they would risk losing them. This goes fully against what the Star Wars: Battlecry team is all about and is why we will never merge teams. Their actions are unacceptable and make projects like ours look bad. We are a group of passionate fans from around the world, creating a game we want to play. This is all done on our free time, and since we are all students or employed full time that leaves very little time to actually work on the project. This is why things take so long. Progress is happening but we also need more developers who share our passion, morals and could use this project on their portfolio. We want to make the highest quality game possible, but are well aware of what the minimum viable product (MVP) is. Moving forward we are going to try and be more transparent and have more frequent communication.

  • @mandosis

    Nice write up. Galaxy in Turmoil is getting vastly more popular because I see many articles popping up about it from gaming sites, no denying that. Also the forums are very active. They are very good at getting attention. I really hope this doesn't have any consequences for you guys. Sometimes wished I was a developer so I could help creating this game. I will always be a bigger fan of Battlecry since I know more time and more love has gone in this game. However the developers of Galaxy in Turmoil do care about their game and are quite active on there forums to.

    Personally I think Galaxy in Turmoil is a bit overhyped for what it actually is. Just my opinion.

  • @Mandosis I'm actually an active follower of the Galaxy in Turmoil Discord and the dev team says that the ripped assets are just placeholders until they are finished with their original models.

  • @Mandosis Right now they are creating their own assets from my "interview" with the developers+they never stated that the models are theirs the credits always goes to FRD and Corra_Ashu i m new here cause i saw this project from the patty jack site i m waiting for both projects to see the results

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    I guess you could say my opinion is biased, however I have more faith in this Project than Galaxy in Turmoil. This Project has been custom built, the team know what each bit of the code does, each asset and so on. Where as the Galaxy in Turmoil team are using code they never wrote, nor fully understand. I think when they try and continue to expand they game, they will run into issues. However, as a Star Wars fan, I do eagerly await both. #StarWars #MayTheForceBeWithYou

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