Why isn't this on GitHub or similar?

  • Hey, just wondering why this isn't open source? I think it could help a lot with development.

    I'd sure like to help with coding when I have time, but I don't want the obligations that come with "signing up to be a developer". I just can't promise that I have that time/energy to put into something like this. However, if the code was easily forkable and you accepted patches, I'd be glad to help out with what I could.

    Please consider it!

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    @accatyyc I believe it has to do with quality control, but if you are worried about not being able to do a lot they have some team members that contribute every now and then but aren't part of the core team because they don't have a lot of time to give

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  • I don't see what this has to do with quality control. They still need to accept the pull requests, so it's not like anyone can contribute. It may even help quality to get more eyes on the code base :)

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    They had a reply for this question but I couldn't find it so I replied with a guess. I assume it has to do with geting everyone developing it on the same page and able to communicate with each other to create a focused team. If you let anyone hop on and develop it every witch way it would get nowhere and quality would be everywhere from garage to stunning. So if you have skills and want to help just apply if you can help they will accept your application

    I am that weirdo you don’t like hanging around forums.

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    It's usually not as easy as it sounds putting an open source project out there in the wild. Especially when you know there are actually people expecting it. It would mean that from that point on after we make it public everything we do and have done so far would be available to everyone and who knows how that could end. That's kind of a big step to take. So i think we shouldn't rush that bit. Maybe release first something playable that can be called a game and if it is well received then take a step into making it open source.

    I am sure most are aware that open source could mean a quicker way of fixing bugs but usually there aren't so many people after all that could invest so much time in understanding the code and it almost always ends up there. Implementing new features would require first some degree of understanding the source code. Also since blueprints can't be previewed as easily in pull request as written code so it would be extremely hard to receive suggestions there and what left is the c++ code.

  • That's reasonable. Thanks for responding!

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