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  • Now I know I'm not the only one when i say this but Dang did free radical make this look cool. Are there any plans to implement something like this. Looks like it will be a great game either way but i was curious.

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    @JDMSTER What you're after is in here short answer yes it's planned but not guaranteed

    Star Wars: Battlecry Recruitment thread

    Project Title:
    Star Wars: Battlecry
    Star Wars: Battlecry standalone game that will offer challenging gameplay and authentic worlds and is made by fans for the fans. Our aim is to bring the core Battlefront experience from the old games up to modern standards. Because of copyright laws, this game will be completely free and no money can be gained. All work is voluntary.
    Our goal currently is to release a public Alpha. The feature that we aim to include in it are:
    • Authentic atmosphere compared to the movies.
    • True First Person and Third Person view.
    • Multiplayer games for up to 64 players and more if possible.
    • At least one full map for the alpha.
    • Game modes like Conquest and Team Deathmatch and etc.
    • Galactic Civil War
    Some other general features that are planned are:
    • AI
    • Ground, Air and Space vehicles
    • Other game modes
    • More maps
    • Ground to space if possible
    Team Name:
    Not officially registered. We usually go by the Star Wars: Battlecry team.
    Team Structure:
    Since there are quite a lot of people on board you can check on our website:
    There isn't a hierarchical structure present but we decide things together
    Previous Work:
    Talent Required:
    Main Requirements
    • Familiar with Star Wars
    Character Animators
    • Will be handling character animations.
    • Experience with Maya and animating is required.
    • Ability to create rigs and skinning is a plus but not required.
      Note: Currently we have all set up(rigs and all) and need help with only making animations. Improving them is not excluded of course if capable.
    3D Character Artists
    • Will be handling the creation of new characters.
    • Expected level of quality close to our current characters.
    • Creating own textures required.
    3D Hard Surface/Environment Artists
    • Required at least close level of model quality compared to the models made so far
    • Ablility to create High and Low poly models is required
    • Willing to create at least some basic textures for their models
    • Ability to import models in UE4
    C++ Programmers
    • Good knowledge of C++
    • At least some basic experience with any game engine or willing to get to know the UE4

    I am that weirdo you don’t like hanging around forums.


  • thx i read that but glossed over that part a bit XD

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