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    I thought I would try stimulating everyones creativity by asking you to help flesh out some basic game mode concepts. Mainly because I am not that creative.

    1. "Bunker" would pitch a high number of players against each other in tight corridors to secure each hallway and room in a hectic firefight the wining team would need to secure 75%-90% of the map. This would be on a small map.

    2. "Cargo" yes I know the name is ripping off the new battlefront game mode, imagine capture the flag only you have to secure large supply crates as the rebels, victory would be determined by either the rebels securing a determined number of supply crates or the empire killing enough rebel scum. As a similar idea securing an imperial shuttle full of supplies before sustaining to many losses.

    3. "Strike" the gamemode would probably be best suited for co op against AI you and a squad of 4-8 buddys with slightly improved stats would go in for a surprise attack against an enemy outpost with the goal of inflicting as much damage as possible before the alarm sounds after which you need to escape to the shuttle, each person would only have one life.

    4. "Stronghold" would see two main outposts with 2-6 smaller outposts that when controlled by a side would give that side an AI turret or shield for an entrance to protect their outpost, the main goal would be to capture the opponents main outpost

    More are coming if you have ideas either post them here or send me a pm and I will add it here along with your username

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  • I had an idea for maybe Hero escalation, where the hero classes of either the Villains or Heroes team up to fight an onslaught of enemies from their respectable time periods, for example, Heroes from the GCW era would fight togheter to defeat an onslaught of Stormtroopers, or the hero class Villains would fight an onslaught of Clones. The other idea I had was assassination mode, now this has already been thought of before by someone else who made a mod for SWBF2 that had it where you had to hunt down a target in a crowded area, but we can make it like where you have to find a target for your respectable side which can work with just about any faction if you put your mind to it I feel, the Republic or the CIS for instance, would have to hunt down a given target in a crowded city of some sort or location, as well as this I think can be edited for Space Hunting as well, maybe you would have to hunt down a spaceship in a crowded space port, however for this idea I have, you would start off with a clue that will point you to where you need to go to find the next clue, and it will keep going until you arrive at your target, and you will have a map for the whole city or spaceport. Of course, I would ask that we actually have to think at times where to go and as a final note I would like to say that if this doesn't seem to work, I would like to see a bounty hunter mode anyway for something like this

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    @funner12 I like your ideas

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  • I already suggested a Assault Mode a while ago. How about a coop mode?

    Space Survival Mode

    You and your friends are on a ship that needs time to repair the hyperdrive to jump to hyperspace. You will have to survive and keep your flagship intact for 20 minutes. You flagship will have different exterior and interior components you must protect, every time one of these components are destroyed your flagship loose health. Ex: Sensor Array Destroyed -10% HP, Life Support System Destroyed -10% HP. When your flagship reaches 0% it blows up and you loose the game. You will also receive a team of astromech droids to repair any of the damaged components to make the flagship last longer. However you can only use the team once to repair only one component and they will deactivate. You can reactivate the astromech droids to repair something every 3 minutes.

    You will have a default number of 150 NPC friendlies to assist you and your buddy. Friendly NPCs will not respawn so they can all die and you and your buddies will be the only ones left. Players can respawn or have a set number of lives depending on host settings. Use everything at your disposal from ship turrets to fighters to defend the flagship.

    At the beginning of the game there will be 2 frigates and units and fighters are split evenly between the frigates and crusiers. Enemy fighters will not respawn so once they're dead they're dead and -20 crew members each frigate because they are piloting the starfighters which leaves 30 crew members still onboard each of the enemy frigates. After they loose all their fighters they will attempt to board you. You can destroy frigates by sabotaging their components. Frigates will attempt to retreat into hyperspace when only 5 crew members remain. Every 5 minutes enemy reinforcements will arrive out of hyperspace, with tougher ships. (TIE Interceptors, A-Wing, Droid Tri-Fighter, V-19 Torrent and other similar fall under Advanced Fighters)

    • Start - 2 Frigates, 40 Fighters, 100 Units
    • 5 Minute Mark - 2 Frigates, 20 Fighters, 20 Advanced Fighters, 100 Units
    • 10 Minute Mark - 3 Frigates, 30 Fighters, 30, Advanced Fighters, 30 Bombers, 150 Units, 1 Enemy Hero
    • 15 Minute Mark - 1 Flagship, 2 Frigates, 30 Fighters, 30 Advanced Fighters, 20 Bombers, 10 Gunships, 2 Enemy Heroes

    Just something I thought of. I was kind of rushing it though so obviously it need some tweaks to make it perfect.

    I can't of think of any other modes right now but some adjustments for the Space Battles.

    1. Capital Ships completely destroyed to win the game
    2. Frigates have hangars and interiors
    3. More physical frigates or cruisers in-game
    4. More things to sabotage
    5. Starfighters flying in formation
    6. Boarding action triggered by the Bridge room on frigates, crusiers and flagships
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    @Takahashi cool idea an entire game could be made out of it I should know I thought of one. :)

    I am that weirdo you don’t like hanging around forums.


  • While I do think of new modes, I would like to name some modes I want to see, for starters just normal escalation as a faction like Republic or CIS, I also of course want to see Conquest, CTF, and Space Assault and I do realize Space Assault is indeed a long way off, its just something for the future, (even if it wasn't in the Alpha of this I would still be very happy) and Space CTF. As I typed all that I came up with an idea I want, something like a Special Mode or something, it will be something like the hunt mode from Battlefront 2, like on Endor how it would be Imperial snipers versus Ewoks, or Jawas vrs Tuskin Raiders on Tatooine.

  • escalation - a game mode in which when certain criteria are met different bonuses are unlocked, to the effect of countering one side's advantage. each side would have different bonuses that fit their side.

    so one criteria would be that the side is losing by a certain margin - the imperials could stop getting standard infantry man for man replacements and instead get their losses replaced in blocks of 5 (standard infantry only), which would be elite squads which stick together and have super high accuracy with slightly cheating AI (more aware). the rebels could more ammo/better indirect fire weapons (grenades, mines, rockets, etc.). when the side is no longer losing they lose the bonus.

    a single player has at least 10 kills and more than 1/2 the kills on a team - probe droids are spawned seeking the MVP, and while they have poor armament, should they spot the MVP their location is pinged and bounty hunter AI heroes are spawned (their death doesn't count against the team they are on) that seek out the MVP to kill him. once the MVP has been killed the droids and bounty hunters leave.

    more "bonuses" might be implemented, but you get the idea. it should add some flavor to the sides, and stabilize the sides both for single player and for multiplayer (like if one side gets all the rookies, etc.).

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