What did you guys think of the DICE battlefield BETA?

  • I thought it was fun for a short while but it got more boring as i played more matches. You already can see they left out ALL major features of the original battlefronts exept for third person view :(.

    It would be awsome to have an update or some sort about this game when DICE's battlefront releases.

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    I have been enjoying it immensely and hits all the points it needs to be a good shooter while providing updated mechanics that still feel somewhat classic. To me it really does feel like a Battlefront game.

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    this guy covers all the pros and cons without the biased opinion many people(including me) hold against this game, I am working on my bias issue.

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  • I thought it was cool in some ways. The graphics and sound were amazing, and the way it is designed makes it so it's very much one side vs. the other (versus everyone running around in circles.) It really reminds you of the movies. With that being said, there were some issues, such as balance and bad spawns and such, which will honestly probably be mostly fixed. DICE seemed to be aware before the beta started that it would favor the empire on Walker Assault. The biggest drawback is that I think it will get pretty repetitive. It's like watching a good movie: It's very enjoyable, but you aren't going to watch it every day for the next year. I think this game will be very popular for a few months, but die off quickly due to its repetitiveness. The thing about the old Battlefronts was that you could always mix up strategies and try new things, but this game doesn't really allow much of that. It's not very much of a sandbox like the old ones.

    So in conclusion, I think it was amazing to look at and listen to, as well as play for a while. But I think that it's very much a reenactment of the movies, so it won't be a game that most people will want to play every day for a long time. However, there was very little content in the beta, so that could change on release.

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    Today it was announced that Star Wars battlefront has a season pass, the ultimate edition was also announced at $120. I am NOT ranting just stating the facts as I heard them. I do believe that dice is trying to create their own version of Star Wars battlefront I do however disagree with them on it

    I am that weirdo you don’t like hanging around forums.


  • Lack of features aside, the pricing was insane.

    Imagine how many more people would've bought the game if they didn't nickle and dime us to death. -_-

    Not that this was an unexpected move by EA. Bears shit in the woods, and EA is a lazy, greedy, triple A company. Doesn't make it right tho :(

    -ayy lmeow :3


  • @CraftKitty I think you need to look up the definition of "nickle and dime." It actually means that they make you buy a ton of cheaply-priced content, that adds up very quickly. Free-to-play SWTOR accounts are a fine example of this. As of now there is zero micro-transactions in Battlefront, even some that many of us are looking forward to, like new customization options. But even then you won't HAVE to buy anything to enjoy the game.

    Personally, I really like the game. I do see the potential for it to get boring as it is, but it's great when you have a hankering for some authentic Star Wars action. I'm hoping they fill in some of the gaps with the expansions, specifically with more singleplayer/local multiplayer content. (One-on-one dogfights would be sweet.) That being said, I've already put about a day's time into it and am planning on putting quite a bit more.

  • Almost every Pro has a con. There are trade offs to game design. The game was designed to be easy to play console designed Multiplayer focused FPS. It's also a reboot of the Battlefront series, which is why it's not called Battlefront 3. As for the cost, when you compare it to amount of gametime for the price, it's cheaper than many other forms of entertainment. It's less than the cost to take a date to a concert, and that will only last an evening. Personally, the gameplay is too simple for my taste and prefer more strategic shooters. To me, this gets to be a grind to get the experience to be able to get the better weapons and abilities.

    However, I am going to list some of the Pros since there is plenty of bashing going on.


    - Amazing lifelike environments nail the look, feel and sound of Star Wars. Very immersive. Extremely high quality and attention to detail by DICE.

    - Game modes are standardized across maps, so it's easier to learn how to play.

    - Simple game play mechanics makes it easier for players to learn to play the game and get into the immersion quicker.

    - Experience system allows player customization prior to playing a map, so players can change up their weapons and abilities as they gain experience.

    - No campaign - By not developing a campaign, DICE is able to focus on other features of the game. Campaigns take a lot of time to develop and test. Since Multiplayer is the focus of the game, a campaign would have been short and players would have complained about it even if DICE had included it.

    - Training and coop bot modes gives plenty of opportunity for training.

    - Coop/Singleplayer modes gives players the ability to practice fighting skills offline or with a friend against bots.

    - Hero battles - Two modes allow hero focused battles for those that want to experience playing their favorite hero without having to fight for a power up in the regular games.

    - 9 Multiplayer game modes - The multiplayer game modes offer variety to gameplay in different combat environments on the game worlds. This gives consistency across a word and allows different areas of the same world to be explored.

    - Simple vehicle controls - vehicle combat is easy to learn. This keeps the focus on the infantry battle.

    - Instant constant action means never a dull moment.

    Now, DICE does listen to constructive feedback. So give your feedback in the EA forums with useful suggestions, like:

    Galactic Conquest could be implemented by stringing the Singleplayer/coop modes together, where they have to be completed in a certain order. Each new DLC would unlock nodes for a new world and continue the journey.

  • sorry but i found the single player not even worth while and should not be praised at all since they only unlock more credits that you use in multiplayer. Singleplayer is a 1 time go. Instant action(in old batttlefronts) was there to be played over and over again and that was exactly what happend and what made it good.

  • Me personally don't like the game at all., just the current content provided is nothing that interesting at all. This game is selling completely on graphics and sounds.

  • @Takahashi I agree that content is definitely lacking. They are planning four expansions so there is more content incoming, maybe even big features that people are asking for like space and things. Hoping to see some more singleplayer content because multiplayer gets frustrating some times lol

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