Star Wars Battlefront - Latest Trailers and Gameplay (E3)

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    Use this topic as a centralised discussion for the new trailers and gameplay videos for Star Wars Battlefront, all hot from the E3 release.

  • Better than I have expected.

  • The only reason I am considering getting this game is because of the splitscreen coop mode.

  • Also friendly fire at 3:01 on the Hoth video

  • O boy, it would be awsome to see such things on geonosis… O wait there isn’t an clone wars? well that sucks. I see they show some coop gameplay but it aren’t zombies this time! They are fully armoured storm troopers+ vechiles against 2 non special rebel trooper:D. This better not be the case in multiplayer lol. Sorry but i also hated it that it was cut off at the sith vs jedi moment. i mean why?

    I will support this Star Wars Battlecry project with my life. I hope you guys can make something buetiful at it. I would certainly trade this game with your alpha if that was asked to me:). Sure, DICE’s battlefront may be good and fun but i would NEVER accept it as an true battlefront title even if it has the name on it.

  • @ArmorDonio No offense dude but you’re spelling isn’t very good

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    We all make mistakes @Takahashi ;]

    The multiplayer gameplay was mostly staged so probably we will be waiting the captured footage to see it in real action. Well in here comes that the stormtroopers can’t shoot in the coop ;D. So they’ve got that right.

    One thing is sure at least, visually and sound wise it will be amazing. That Luke looked almost real ;d

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    It’s pretty but it’s lacking content and the big maps that battlefront deserves, and gameplay what’s with power ups and shields? Is that what they thought battlefront was. The hud needs work. Luke needs to switch from episode 6 to 5. What is up with orbital strikes on hoth I thought there was a shield preventing, that you know the whole purpose of being there. Yes I know nit picking I will be quiet now.

    I am that weirdo you don’t like hanging around forums.


  • @Sharky Luke is wearing ROTJ suit on Hoth! That is unacceptable! D:<

  • It also seems like evry rebel soldier on Hoth has an jetpack lol, i haven’t seen 1 imperial with it.

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    @ArmorDonio there’s one on tatooine but one blaster shot from a mini blaster kills him.

    I am that weirdo you don’t like hanging around forums.


  • @ArmorDonio Theres no classes in DICE’s game only custom loadouts. So people can just have whatever group of weapons they want. In my opinion Classes offered more strategic and tactical thinking but oh well.

  • Exactly! classes made your team mates more vallued and adds more teamwork. For battlefront though there should be class limits otherwise would evryone choose for example the jetpack trooper. with classes evryone ahs there own abillity just like in SWBF 2 in wich the pilot repaired vechiles automaticly adn the ohers couldn’t do that.

  • @ArmorDonio If they were going to make loadouts they could of made it more like PlanetSide2. Theres still classes but each classes can only have certain types of weapons. For example only Heavies can have rocket launchers or only Engineers can have shotguns and repair things.

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    I think if they were to of had classes, although it could be more strategic it would of been easier to create defences against. Having custom load outs makes each member of your team unique and important in a different way. Not every game is going to be the same where you are forced to use these weapons so the enemies know this and position themselves appropriately.

    The custom load outs just make things a lot more different, the online is going to have a lot more unique moments, people using the custom load outs as well as there own tactics with their friends will make preparing and second guessing the enemy a lot harder. I guess that will make it fun.

  • I dont see how it will be to easy on the defense part.

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    I must say that is one over powered hand held blaster.

    I am that weirdo you don’t like hanging around forums.

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