Website Overhaul

  • Developer

    Yesterday the website was brought down in preparation for a total overhaul. The website is sporting a brand new design and is now mobile responsive for use on smart phones and tablets.

    In the future I would like to implement the forum as a commenting engine on any new articles allowing comments to be read on both the website and forum.

    As usual with anything new there may be a few issues. If you happen to notice anything including things like speed or issues with the design across devices, please reply to this topic or make a new one in the help category.

  • It’s looking good :)
    Mobile support was a good idea,
    I always browse the forum on my phone.

  • Oh so the current website layout is just a place holder? I kind of liked the forum the way it was before.

  • Developer

    @Takahashi No, just improving the design and usability. I had to move forward with the technology powering the forum and the old theme was incompatible. Once a few more features are added that are coming down the line I will try and bring a few things back from the old forum design. The front page will stay as is. The website simply needed a design refresh and needed to be far easier to manage for us. I had been sitting on the concept for the site for about 8 months and finally decided to make it.

  • Oh I understand now

  • Moderator

    Really like this new homepage, it fits in really well with the actual forum software. It keeps the consistency throughout the whole site which is good to see.

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