Forum Update

  • Developer

    The new theme is up. There are likely a few issues, so please leave a reply with any issues you happen to notice.

    The forum was recently down for maintenance for a few hours. During that time I updated the forum software to the latest version. The theme that was used before no longer works on this version but I planed to create a new one using the current layout. The shoutbox was removed due to low usage and not being compatible with the new version. But there are new features!

    New Features

    • User created groups
    • New composer design
    • More traditional layout
    • Emojis! :smiley: :anguished: :grin: :heart:
    • Ability to mark posts as questions and pick best answer to mark as solved. (In composer hit the down arrow and select mark as question)
    • Spoilers

    spoiler text here

    • Added basic markdown syntax to help panel on composer (little ? next to the word compose on the editor side)
    • More miscellaneous things you will come across

    If any bugs or other issues are noticed please leave a reply to this topic.

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