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  • So I was just reading up on the news of EA showing their game off in April. With EA’s current reputation, I wouldn’t be surprised to see disappointment during the release, but luckily, someone who felt the same way redirected me to this glorious project! I signed up right away and just wanted to know, is their anything I can do to help the production of this game and more broadly, is there anything the community supporting this project can do to help? Thanks in advance!

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    There are ways to help if you have skills apply under the about us section on the main page there was a donate button some where for servers and stuff. Spreading the news is also cool, away from EA of course.
    PS did you hear about the precision upgrade you got if you preordered Battlefield hardline wanna bet they will add that to battlefront .

    I am that weirdo you don’t like hanging around forums.


  • Yes as Insurgent said, you can apply to join the team if you have the skills needed. If not, you guys can always give us some suggestions for the game! - Zet

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    @Zooloored It really depends on your skills. We are always looking for talented people, so if you would like to help you can fill out our form here http://swbattlecry.com/about/join

  • Would it be possible to try our hand at creating maps for the game? Will the assets (3D models and such) be available for non-staff members to use for maps?

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    They said on indiedb that a sdk (source development kit) for people who want to mod was planned if they could.

    I am that weirdo you don’t like hanging around forums.

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