User maps.

  • Will be added to the game maps created by users? Also wanted to know whether the game in the Steam?
    P. S. (Sorry for the error, use Google translator. I am from Russia)

  • Maps created by players could be possible, but they would need to be unique and not copies of what is already being made. While we are still developing the game, any maps would be warmly welcomed as it means less work our team has to do [i](Though, we are still working on a map currently, so even more work wold take forever. It would probably be worked on once a map is done, assuming there are touchups to be made to the player-made map)[/i]. If you do want to help us make maps, you could always join the team! We will probably not be able to put this on steam as we are not allowed to make money off of this. We risk getting a cease and desist for doing so. It will probably never be on Steam.

  • Being able to mod the deployed game is very unlikely, so all user maps would need to go through us.

    So anyone contributing would just apply like anyone else wanting to work with us:

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